International Maritime Conference Chair: Trevor Dove on Structural Integrity

BMT Chair at Pacific 2017

Clock Time: 16:00 - 17:30, 4 October



Trevor Dove, Maritime Engineering Lead at BMT Design & Technology will be chairing Session 14 - Structural Integrity at the International Maritime Conference. 


Prediction of Ultimate Strength of Locally Corroded Plates Using ANFIS Model (Refereed)
Nagi Abdussamie  
Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Australia

Effect of Pitting Corrosion on the Ultimate Strength and Buckling Behaviour of Stiffened Aluminium Panels (Refereed)
Lenore Pedrina
Defence Science and Technology, Australia

The Ungoverned Space: Call for Improved Test & Maintenance to Comply with Regulations & Go Beyond
Carl Hunter
Coltraco Ultrasonics, United Kingdom